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About Us


GrowNOW ADHD provides unique, engaging, energetic coaching and care to adolescents and families – tailored to the unique individual to help them achieve independence and their dreams.

  • Preschool
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College
  • College Grads
  • Young Adult – Failure to Launch Program
  • College Readiness Program
  • Adults

Academic, Social, and Home Executive Functioning!

Child, Teen, & Young Adult Life Coaching!

Michael McLeod, MA
• ADHD/Executive Function Specialist
• Creator of the Executive Function – Internal Skills Model™
• Executive Function Specialist with The Focus Foundation
• Keynote Speaker, Professional Speaker, and International Trainer
• ADHD Guys Podcast Co-Host
• Education Chapter Chat Podcast Co-Host

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For Families

Energetic & Engaging Coaching

We offer in-person & virtual options.

There is no difference between Virtual & In-Person, as all sessions revolve around the student’s Individualized Grow Plan.

Coaching that kids, teens, and college students love and enjoy!

GrowNOW – we help your child build independent skills so they can do more on their own each day – without constant parent prompting!

Our goal is always to help students become more:

  • Independent
  • Positive
  • & Successful in their day-to-day lives with fading adult support!
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  • Academic Executive Function
  • Social Executive Function
  • Home Executive Function
  • Self-Motivation
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Self-Evaluation
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We all know that the lack of Executive Function Training & Education in schools is a severe problem.

A Professional Speaker and Trainer can travel directly to your school or conduct training remotely. Every workshop is tailored to the individual school and the population they serve!

Utilize Executive Function training at your school!

For Schools & Clinicians

GrowNOW Model Executive Function Certificate

Get your school and staff trained in the research and easy to implement strategies on Executive Functions.

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“… When I heard that Mike was doing work around executive functioning, I was quick to presume that he was doing what most people in the Philadelphia area who claim to work on executing functioning do – helping kids organize school materials. Organizing school materials is a small part of executive functioning, [but] it’s not addressing lagging executive function skills at their foundation.

When I first spoke with Mike I knew right away that he was the real deal and knew what he was doing. He was actually working on executive function skill development. I refer many families to GrowNOW ADHD.”

Ryan Wexelblatt


Why Families & Educators Choose GrowNOW – it’s DIFFERENT!

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Jonathan Hartshorne
GrowNow has been an incredible find! We had a great experience from inception through to “graduation”. Highly recommend for anyone who has a child with ADHD.
SEAC Cheltenham
Michael McLeod of GrowNOW came and spoke at a meeting for Special Education Alliance of Cheltenham. We were impressed with the depth of his knowledge and we really appreciated the time he took to thoughtfully address the many questions participants asked.
Melanie Patterson
“There has been a noticeable difference in your son in the last year and we’re unsure what has brought on this big change.” This was the consensus at my last IEP meeting and the mysterious cause for the big change was GROW NOW. My son has been getting services since he was 2, he is now 14. This last year he has gone once a week and worked with a therapist to help him refine his social skills, work on his dialogue (speech) and, primarily, learn executive function skills. Executive function is not something the school district prioritizes but it is something that kids with learning differences often need. I can’t recommend this office enough!
velia gonzales
Michael definitely knows his stuff! As a mom of a neurodivergent child, and as a speech pathologist and as a neurodiverse person myself I can say with confidence that I highly recommend learning from him.
katie G
I can not say enough about the services we are receiving at growNow! My 14 year old son NEVER complains and looks forward to going EVERY week! Mark and Mike truly do their best to get to know the kids and their needs and create a plan to help them succeed!!
Eliott Boettcher
The best executive function coach of all time!
Evelyn Tan
I'm a speech-language pathologist and I must say Grow Now's online resources are fantastic - lots of practical strategies to help build a child's executive functioning skills! I especially like the Tech Executive Function Grow Plan, super helpful.