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“The BEST Professional Development I have ever attended in over 50 years of teaching!”

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GrowNOW Executive Function Certificate

The purpose of the training is solely educational and to spread awareness; GrowNOW ADHD, LLC does NOT advertise its services during this training.

Executive Function is the basis of all learning, yet educators and school leadership staff receive minimal training on the broad topic. Why?

GrowNOW Executive Function Training can provide the solution for your school’s culture and curriculum.

  • Learn about all of the misconceptions and outdated views of Executive Functions.
  • Learn about the most up-to-date research on the topic and what Executive Functions truly are.
  •  Learn a wealth of various exercises, strategies, and practices that can be easily implemented to ensure Executive Functions become a daily part of each child’s educational journey.

All training is tailored to the unique audience – the staff, the children and families they serve, and their culture and values.

There is no learning, growth, and independence with Executive Functions – it is crucial we bring this into education!

grownow adhd executive function certification
  • In-person & remote group training
  • Customizable training length
  • Follow-up to ensure rapid utilization of EF-practices


GrowNOW ADHD Executive Function Training Feedback

Review a few of the feedback and comments from attendees of Mike’s training.

Fantastic presentation!

My early background was in traumatic brain injury, and I remember how the impact of their injuries had an impact on their executive functioning, which really looked a lot like some students with the ADHD or whatever name truly describes in better. The therapy that I provided to high-functioning young adults with TBI was very much focused on developing their independent use of verbal mediation.
I am excited to share the insight about ADHD with some of the families I work with privately. In my school-based job, I’ll look forward to implementing steps to facilitate a move towards increasing independence in the classroom, socially, and for their general self-concept and independent functioning. I work closely with our OT, so I could see us working together to create some amazing experiences for our kids. Thanks!

Great Presentation

You really gave me a different way to think about ADHD. The background ground of what ADHD is and then how to support and improve a student’s quality of life. I will be changing how I approach things as I go back to school this fall. Looking forward to the handout. Thank you!”


Mr. McLeod offered a concise and very informative presentation on ADHD. He gave many good ideas for therapy sessions and everyday living. I will definitely benefit from this presentation as an SLP who has a granddaughter with ADHD!! Thank you.

Best session yet!

Wow, this session blew my mind! In an hour, my understanding of executive function has shifted. Wonderful information that I can take an implement tomorrow. Many thanks to this presenter.

One of my fav sessions!

Incredible speaker, easy to listen to! Thank you for sharing your very useful ideas and information! I love the idea of making a mental movie before each session! I also loved the connection made between the importance of learning to play early on so that the student can learn to play in his/her mind and create scenarios to help him/her function as they get older!

A Highlight of the Year

Your presence and presentations to our teachers, staff, and parents was a highlight of our WLES 2022-23 school year!
Thank you for taking the time to create thoughtful content for us, and for allowing us to follow up with you.

Mind Blown!

The world needs to know ALL of THIS!! NOW! This really spoke to me as an adult with ADHD, neurodiversity, fixed mindset, anxiety, high sensitivity, etc. who has a child and a parent with all of these same characteristics.
**This is why so many young adults continue to live at home! They are parent and prompt dependent! Right?? I will be watching this seminar several more times! (You know, because of MY ADHD! – Lol!) Thank You!!”


This presentation was extremely informative and included a different way to think and talk about ADHD’s underlying problem which is a dis- function of executive functioning skills or that ADHD is a performance disorder. I like, “What you say starts to control what you do.” and I like looking at executive functioning as “mental play”- because that’s a positive way to approaching people with ADHD rather than talking about what they cannot do. I enjoyed the presenter’s energy and his straight forward explanations, examples, and ways to use our expertise during intervention. Great job!


I’ve been in education for almost 20 years and have never attended a more relevant staff PD. Being able to better understand and support students, families, loved ones, or ourselves is empowering.

Thanks again for spending the day with is and giving us the knowledge to make a difference.

Interesting Shift!

It was interesting to shift the framing of ADHD from an attention disorder to a performance disorder and the focus on long-term internal skill building vs. external changes (ie: cleaning out backpacks, using agendas, giving prompts). It was interesting to think about the true predictors of success being the ability to independently form and maintain social relationships, manage emotions, and problem-solve, and how language factors into this. Thinking about executive functioning as a conversation between visual imagery and self- talk was very helpful and the examples of how to apply this to therapy sessions was very helpful too. It makes sense that in order to build greater independence, a first step would be to independently visualize an outcome. Overall, this presentation gave me a lot to think about and digest. I look forward to getting the slides.


Is the GrowNOW Model Training Right for Your School?

Are you noticing any of the following within your school?

  • increased dysregulation
  • decreasing social interactions and relationships
  • school refusal
  • a large number of incomplete assignments
  • consistent screen addictions and difficulty with school-issued technology
  • falling grades – especially in the areas of reading and writing
  • lack of interest in after-school clubs and sports

GrowNOW training can help give your school the practical tools needed to help staff best work with children with ADHD and help them become more independent, positive, and successful.

Not a decision-maker for your school or organization? Download the informational fact sheet and take it to your school administrator.

Mike and the GrowNOW Staff will remain in contact to ensure the maintenance of the GrowNOW Certification and appropriate implementation of the GrowNOW Model Principles. 

Absolutely! We also do parent training sessions so they can be more educated on best practices in the home.

You will learn in-depth research on Executive Functions and how to very easily implement the GrowNOW Model for Strengthening Executive Functions – the very next day!

We can travel to your school and everything will be tailored specifically to your unique group.

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