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No, we are not associated with insurance in any way.

This is a very common concern from parents when they first reach out.

The most important thing to remember is that ADHD/Executive Dysfunction is a disorder of Self-Evaluation and Metacognition.

This means that is very hard for individuals with ADHD to know what is truly best for them, especially when it has to do with delayed gratification. Individuals with ADHD and EF Delays need an adult to act as their Executive Functioning to get them started on tasks, especially tasks that are new, and challenging, get them out of their comfort zone (most likely screens), and doing things that will improve their executive functioning for future success.

It is OKAY if your child does not want to do the therapy and complains about it – you are the parent, you are the adult, and you know what is best for them and their future.

This is also a disorder of Self-Motivation and Non-Preferred Task Initiation. Teens get upset when therapy takes them away from their comfort zone of screens and video games. Building Executive Functions requires them to have varied experiences away from screens and out of their comfort zone to develop skills that will be useful in their future lives. 

At GrowNOW – we provide our students with a brand new, energetic, engaging experience that will totally reframe the word “therapy” for them. We use the most up-to-date evidence-based practices and focus on interpersonal relationships.

Executive Functions are NOT developed by sitting at a table doing worksheets. EF Therapy must be relationship-based, fun, and motivating. Our students get up and move, go into the community and the natural environment, and act out what they want their successful futures to look like!

Also, we never take a “one size fits all approach.” We tailor everything toward the unique individual. Every student receives their own unique goals and treatment plan. Sessions are tailored to their specific strengths and needs.

This is a very difficult question to answer, and many parents tend to ask this question before I ever meet their child. Also, it is an inappropriate question because no therapist can ethically guarantee results regardless of their training and background. The most important thing here is that every child is different. Some students can acquire skills rather quickly, and some take time.

The goal of any therapy is to no longer need therapy. This is because you have acquired the skills that were once lacking. This is always our goal – for our students to attain independence and no longer need our help in as short of an amount of time as possible.

All therapy is based on the child’s progress and the client & family’s constant satisfaction.

GrowNOW Therapy Services, LLC never guarantees progress for any student or provides a specific timetable to expect ‘results.’

All sales are final, and we do not provide refunds.

All children and adolescents are different – it is impossible to predict a timeline of when progress will be exhibited, seen, or noticed.

This is why our services have ZERO
contracts or commitments, so if caregivers feel progress is not developing at an appropriate rate, they can end services at any time.

We are a team of clinicians, not tutors – scores on tests, papers, etc. and grades at school are not a reflection of our work.

There is no such thing as Executive Function Therapy or Speech-Language Therapy without parent coaching and parent involvement – and we take that very seriously.

Parent involvement is crucial to ensure that strategies learned within the sessions carry over to the natural environment. A strong and positive relationship between family/caregivers and the therapist is paramount.

Yes, GrowNOW’s services are in high demand, and we often have a waiting list. Contact now to get on the list so you can be seen as quickly as possible.

YES! We specialize in college-aged students!

Yes, we do! They are highly engaging and nothing like virtual school!

  • our therapy is NEVER once-sized fits all
  • all sessions revolve around a student’s individualized Grow Plan we create for them to strengthen their independence
  • this is NOT Talk Therapy
  • we do extensive practice on real-world exercises, strategies, and plans to ensure the carryover of skills to the natural environment

Yes, our virtual therapy sessions are NOT virtual school. Our virtual sessions are highly engaging and motivating.

Our services have no contracts and no commitments; you can cancel anytime.

“… When I heard that Mike was doing work around executive functioning, I was quick to presume that he was doing what most people in the Philadelphia area who claim to work on executing functioning do – helping kids organize school materials. Organizing school materials is a small part of executive functioning, [but] it’s not addressing lagging executive function skills at their foundation.

When I first spoke with Mike I knew right away that he was the real deal and knew what he was doing. He was actually working on executive function skill development. I refer many families to GrowNOW ADHD.”

Ryan Wexelblatt


Why Families & Educators Choose GrowNOW – it’s DIFFERENT!

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velia gonzales
Michael definitely knows his stuff! As a mom of a neurodivergent child, and as a speech pathologist and as a neurodiverse person myself I can say with confidence that I highly recommend learning from him.
katie G
I can not say enough about the services we are receiving at growNow! My 14 year old son NEVER complains and looks forward to going EVERY week! Mark and Mike truly do their best to get to know the kids and their needs and create a plan to help them succeed!!
Eliott Boettcher
The best executive function coach of all time!
Evelyn Tan
I'm a speech-language pathologist and I must say Grow Now's online resources are fantastic - lots of practical strategies to help build a child's executive functioning skills! I especially like the Tech Executive Function Grow Plan, super helpful.
Graciela Valverde
Mr. McLeod takes the latest research and applies it in a very meaningful and life changing way. The help he is able to provide is beyond measure!
Meredith Fields
Tina was such a great resource for our son Rhys who needed some speech help. Rhys loves going to speech and we've seen tons of improvement over just a few sessions. If he needs some more help, we know where to go!
Erin Gallegos
Grow Now's resources are fantastic - I am finding them useful both as a parent but as an elementary school teacher. Pushing me to think about how critical executive functioning is in day to day living.
Stacey Sturm
The Tech Executive Function Grow plan is outstanding. I have tried modeling good tech and other healthy behaviors while also trying to implement a less restrictive plan and everything failed. GrowNOW's plan is specific and meets the needs of my 9, 11, and 13 year olds while also giving amazing explanations to parents. It's time to end the dependency on screen times and this is just the tool needed to motivate parents and take back control of the household.