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About GrowNOW ADHD,ADHD Executive Function Therapy Philadelphia,ADHD Executive Function Therapy
About GrowNOW ADHD,ADHD Executive Function Therapy Philadelphia,ADHD Executive Function Therapy


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GrowNOW ADHD Founder

Michael McLeod

  • ADHD & Executive Function Specialist

During Michael’s work with youth, he has traveled across the globe, including living in Australia for a year to work with non-profits and professional ADHD organizations. He received his Masters from Lehman College in New York. He has worked with youth since 2005.

Michael has experience working with all ages from birth to adulthood. Michael brings expertise, experience, and compassion to help you and your child through life’s most critical times.

Michael partnered and worked with The Focus Foundation in 2015, learning from incredible doctors, neuropsychologists, and various specialists – gaining in-depth training and experience with ADHD and Executive Function research and development.

He currently specializes in ADHD, Executive Functioning, Social Executive Functioning, and Parent Coaching.

From his experiences as an Executive Function Specialist, Michael developed a distinct model of Internal Skills Coaching to enhance these skills.

Michael is a Keynote Speaker and has presented nationwide and internationally, training families and professionals on his unique GrowNOW Treatment Model for fostering Executive Functions & Resiliency.

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GrowNOW ADHD, LLC is a specialized private service. We provide – ADHD & Executive Function Coaching, Life Coaching, and:

  • Parent Coaching & Trainings
  • School & Staff Trainings
  • Our services are NOT: therapy, counseling, mental health services, talk therapy, psychology, psychiatry, CBT, DBT (any medical-based service)

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